Australian ETA Visa: Online Application Form (USA)

This ETA Visa application form is intended for US citizens who are outside Australia at the moment of application and are planning to visit Australia for the following purposes:

  • Tourism and holidays
  • Visit friends and family
  • Attend business meetings, conferences, negotiations, etc.

The ETA visa (Electronic Travel Authorization) will be valid for 12 months, during which US citizens can enter Australia multiple times and stay in Australia for up to 90 days each time.

ETA is the type of visa chosen by the vast majority of US travellers, and 95% of visas are granted within 24 hours.

You can apply for more than one person at the same time, and the price of each visa will be $69.

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  • Passport details
    Provide details of the passport that you will use to enter Australia. Enter these details exactly as they appear in your passport.
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