Visa to Australia

Choose which visa is right for you

  • Tourist

    If you are going to Australia as a tourist or to visit friends and family, this is the visa for you. Find out if you are eligible to apply.

  • Business

    For business travel to Australia, including conferences and meetings, this is the right kind of visa. Find out if you are eligible to apply.

  • Working
    holiday visa

    If you're 18 to 30 years old and want to go to Australia to work, study or just relax, you should use this form.

  • Long Stay Visa

    If you need more time than a common tourist visa allows, you can apply this visa. You can apply to stay up to 12 months.

  • Student Visa

    Please use this application form to apply for a student visa to Australia. You need to be admitted to a university or school before you can apply for a student visa to Australia.

  • Second Working Holiday Visa

    If you had one Working Holiday visa previously you might be eligible to apply for a second one. Read inside for rules.

  • Maritime Crew Visa

    The Maritime Crew Visa is for people who are entering or leaving Australia by sea as sea crew.

  • Temporary Work Visa

    This visa is for people who will go to Australia to do temporary work. The visa can be granted for up to three months.

An Australian visa – It’s quick and easy!

  1. Choose the kind of visa that is most suitable for you. If you are going to Australia on holiday or on business, the application process is very simple.
  2. Complete an application form online and pay for your application. We provide unlimited support and translation services regarding your application to all our customers.
  3. Check your email. In most cases, the visa will be approved within one day, and you will get the answer by email. Once you’ve got your visa, you’re free to travel to Australia!

Apply for an Australian visa here

Get your Australian visa right here. A few easy steps and you will get the answer within a day most of the time. The application is very easy to complete, and should only take a few minutes.

If you are eligible, and you choose to proceed, we will go through your application and make sure everything is correct. In case your native language is not English - feel free to use your own language while filling in the application. Our experts will translate the application for you.

Do I need a visa to Australia?

Yes, unless you are a citizen of Australia or New Zeeland, you will need a visa to go to Australia. There are different kind of visas, so you need to choose the visa most suitable for your purpose. The visa must always be granted before you travel to Australia. It is not possible to get a visa on arrival.

Australian visa types

At our website you can choose to apply many different kind of visas, depending on what you are going to do in Australia. Most travelers will go to Australia for holiday or to do business. Those applications are very straight forward and you do not need a lot of information or documents to apply. The result of the application will in most cases be given to you within an hour, but it can also be longer in case we need to ask for more information.

Almost all of the Australian visa types are issued electronically, which means that there is no visa label to put in your passport. When you apply, you just need to enter your passport details, and your visa will be automatically connected to your passport upon approval.

What is the price of visa to Australia?

The price depends on which kind of visa you want to apply. Please click on the buttons for each visa type to see the current cost of the visas to Australia.