Visa pour l’Australie

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Maritime Crew Visa

The Maritime Crew Visa is for people who are entering or leaving Australia by sea as sea crew.

You can apply for this visa if you:

  • Are outside of Australia
  • Are or will be a crew on a ship that is going to or from Australia
  • Will enter or leave Australia by sea as a sea crew

The ship must be either:

  • A commercial trading ship
  • A passenger ship
  • A ship owned by a foreign government to do science research
  • A ship approved by the Australian Depertment of Foreign Affairs for "public vessel status"

If you have family members that will follow you, they can also apply Maritime Crew Visa if they apply together with you.

Please note: If you are going to Australia by air, you need to have another visa together with the Maritime Crew Visa, such as a Tourist visa.

The price for each visa is 98 euro.

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